Kosi Lionhair: 2. The Day

While the interior of this canal boat can give us an idea of the dimensions of Kosi's Tween House, it says nothing about the lack of windows or workaday decor.  
The Between house is the bathroom, my cupboard room, Hen’s room, and the living room all in a row. Father’s study at the end, is a room longer than it is wide with three doors out. He would probably say three doors in.
Hen and I have access to the study through the slider between the Tween house and the study. Hen comes and goes through what she calls the back door, the same door I will go through today. I woke every hour from midnight I was so excited. Poor Hen.
“Worry about yourself,” Hen said. “How will you take in all the detail your father will tell you?”
My father said everything twice, so I’m not re-telling it word for word. What it all boils down to is that I’m to make my way across to Parra Central, and then down to its 6th level. I’m to get its layout straight enough in my mind that I will be able to draw a map…

Kosi Lionhair, part 1

Imagine one of these to live in  but without it showing on the outside thinhouse_1537756c.jpg.
Kosi Lionhair lives in a future of legal and illegal children, Life Lotteries, and vast urbs with their footings in the sea. Australia has become the Australia Archipelago. The setting is the largest and most populous island, Eastralia. 
I was born a Between and as long as I stayed a Between I was supposed to be referred to only with love-names like Sweetie and Honey Dumpling. As soon as I knew how,I made up a proper name for myself, from bits I heard through the louvres into Father’s real house. “I am Kosi,” I said to Hen, the woman who cared for me.
She said, “It suits you very well.”
When he came, one hour a day, my father said, “Why Kosi? When not Belle, or Pretty, or Melissa?
“Because I am strong,” I said according to Hen.
My father laughed. “Strong is for soldiers and house guards.”
I tried again, “Because my hair is like a lion’s hair.”
My father frowned. He said, “I need you silen…

The Half Shaman in Space: Into the Ark Ship

This fragment of The Half Shaman in Space is the last instalment for a while. Since references to Kosi Lionhair's story have been so constant, and it is the first book in the saga, I thought some of you would appreciate a re-posting of her adventures up to the time that she becomes the 'machine pattern'.  
The doors into the Ark Ship slide apart.
In my whole life I’ve never seen so many different greens as in that habitat. Hydroponic lettuce and algae in the water cisterns are the only two greens I've seen.
I am fascinated. I see stones the size of houses. Trees. Plants. A hill. Blue sky overhead. I draw nearer to the doorway.
A hard blow of air from the Ark Ship sweeps me off my feet.
An outcry from the three men, Mongoose the loudest, grasping hands that don’t catch me, and I am rolled over and over from the airlock.
I expect to hit the ground with an almighty thump but I don’t. Being rolled over and over changes to being twirled. As in, I gyrate spread-eagled on a cushion…

The Half Shaman in Space: The Deal

Jeb's adventures are speeding up at this point. She makes progress with the machine pattern, aka Kosi Lionhair, and Jeb and Mongoose finally make it up the scramble nets ...

More clothes are being shed to make into ropes, and now also into nets. Those of us who cannot climb will need to be pulled up. No one will be left behind.
I see this from a distance because Mongoose and I are still under the central substructure supporting the listing Totem Reality. We are ringed by the Maremma dogs. Kosi Lionhair, the machine pattern, still inhabits the lead dog.
“We’ll have so much fun, Jeb,” the poor machine pattern says. The dog she is embedded in ignores Mongoose a half pace ahead and right of me, with my shoulder behind his.
Yes, I’m thinking the poor thing now, though she can prevent us from leaving. She can slide the inner doors of the central airlock to and fro, which would cut the knots wedged behind them with friction, dropping whoever. Fewer clothes to make into ropes would mean a mor…

The Half Shaman in Space: Totems vs Living Entities

The narrator has been battling a health issue that needed a couple of hospital stays and numerous doctor visits, the reasons for the sometimes late and haphazardly timed posts. Life, you know, getting in the way of story. 
The machine pattern's last gasp before she frees Jeb's people? Finally an explanation for the transforming into animals disorder?
My people show what they think of his efforts by shifting their gaze to not have to look at him, to not have to meet glances with anyone. A deep silence grips them.
“See how my Maremma dogs don’t have shadows?” Kosi says.
She no longer knows anything about human emotions.
“That’s what happens when you fight on this ship and you don’t win.” She laughs. “Of course you don’t win. Why would I allow winning?”
I want to explode and punish her somehow. Mongoose changes his stance somewhat and grips my upper arm.
“I heard losing a fight on the Ark Ship just gets you turned back into food for the survivors,” she says. “What’s the fun in that? Her…

The Half Shaman in Space: What Thyal Knows

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Part three of this information-loaded discussion. All important stuff to know should you wish to continue reading the serial. 
Thyal coughs a deep animal cough that is half a growl. “The Shamans on Lotor have been saving their people from their animal morphs all these years by requiring the totem study of everyone.”
“Don’t give me animal morphs,” Uncle Puma says. “I’ve just never believed in that transmogrification crap fed to us.”
I fear he speaks for most of us. It’s beginning to feel like I’m in a communal nightmare if there is such a thing.
“Easy for you to say, my friend,” Thyal says. “Your parents were highly trained Shamans,” he says about Uncle Puma’s mother and father. “You’re such a credit to your upbringing that you don’t recall your baby-flickering.”
Baby-flickering? Whatever anyone recalls of their childhood, no one is prepared to ask.
“Yet here we all are,” Limber s…