Monday, November 29, 2010


Routine is to writing what pens are to paper. Or in other words, you/I can get an idea down with lipstick on the tailboard of a ute, or with a stick of charcoal on an envelope for a minute during our chores.

But to get real substance, we need routine. I sort through my dream-generated ideas while making my breakfast on automatic. I eat it and write while I sip three mugs of tea, in my case by pen into my scrapbook journal.

Routine is sitting down at the computer every day at the same time to type. I do chores first. Running around outside and in. Pegging out the wash. The dishes. Vacuuming. I stop my chores at 10 a/m no matter what I’m doing. It will all be waiting the next day. I write until 12.00 or 1.00 p/m.

This morning though, a tradesman rang. He’d be early.

My routine tends to be secondary to people. This morning no exception. He arrived at 9.45. No matter, I will re-arrange my writing times today.

Because, what you/I write when, also needs consideration. Usually in this first lump of high-value concentration time, I write offline, my major work in progress, a short story, this or that. Today, because I began later and will have less time before lunch, I’ll write my blogs and start that article for the local Landcare newsletter.

After lunch I will shop if I can carry what I need. Post Office, loaf of bread, printer cartridge. A walk in the weather and a talk with whoever I meet up the street. The beauty of living in a small town.

My second major writing time is after I walk the dog, and myself, the distances needed to keep us fit. A two part effort, since the dog is old and crippled, and can handle only about a third of what I need. I take the car, walk her her third, then me the rest while she rests. Her in the car keeps her out of the way of other dogs galumphing around.

However, this is a writing day. Work, doctor's appointments, elder care, builders and trades people onsite, getting repairs done etc etc you know what i mean, all take time.

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