Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bring Back 'Stonkered'

Stonkered. I love that word. And how amazing to see it quoted in WQ, the Queensland Writers Centre Magazine in an article about recommendations for books, in the same week that I used it in the short story I was writing. I thought I was the only one in Australia with an affection for it. I'll definitely be putting Words Fail Me by Hugh Lunn on my Christmas list.

The lines in my story using 'stonkered':

Ushen shrugged. “He collects them. On the surface of a planet they live. Some are his support system.”

Tardi was stonkered. He heard at least four words he had no understandings for in the context. He looked at her. More closely. “Who are you?”

“Daughter of the support system. Young and angry when I ran away. They need me now.”

I use it in the sense of being totally and utterly flabbergasted. Can't you just see the feelings of being stunned and stumped in it?

The Oxford Pocket Australian Dictionary (1996) also still believes in it.
stonkered adj colloq 1. utterly exhausted. 2. utterly confounded or defeated as in this one has got me utterly stonkered. 3. very drunk (origin unknown)

Bring back stonkered.

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