Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Writing Practice as Cooking

Metaphor is using words and ideas to describe things that they do not literally refer to. That's according to my dictionary, the Concise Oxford, 1964. Me comparing my writing practice to cooking on a stove is me living one of my metaphors. Cooking up stories is about the only sort of serious cooking I do these days.

Right now, I have my novel Lodestar (working title) simmering on a back burner. It's only halfway through its structural edit but I have a couple of short stories that needed work in time for being sent out by various deadlines. The second draft of Catching the So-Called Moogerah Monster is finished. It also sits on a back burner, to keep warm in preparation for the final proof read.

The Red Carpet Welcome is on the front of the stove. It is having a new ending being confabulated. I'm going with the notes made on it way back at the beginning of the year by my writing group. Two out of the three who commented weren't happy with the original end so it's back to the stove for me.

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