Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Plotting my Crow Saga

Came up with the full story, I thought, this morning. Wrote it out summary style and was pretty happy about it. A series aiming for a 10-12 year old readership.

Then I read Dave Freer on plotting over on the Mad Genius Club. (This was a link to a great website, gone now) He talked about the hard questions to ask. Who hurts and why? Who is afraid and why? How do characters do anything about their fears and hurts. (I've paraphrased to help me think about them.)

I knew that while I hadn't forgotten conflict and drama, the way I talked about them in my summary -- conflict and drama -- straightaway made them more distant than Dave's expression of them. And I saw that that more personal way of talking about them, would help me express them better from the point of view of the characters undergoing them.

I'd get right into the characters' skins in the summary. The place to be right from the beginning. So it's back to the quill for me, plotting.

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