Wednesday, February 9, 2011

District 9, Awesome!

Watched District 9 last night and am still reeling. Produced by Peter Jackson and directed by Neill Blomkamp.

How awesome is the social reality? Telling exactly how we would probably behave towards a bunch of aliens. Exactly what we do to all other. Is it satire? Irony? Sad in the extreme? All the above?

And the pastel pale anti hero (Sharlto Copley) is amazing! He hurt when he was supposed to, mi god when he lost his fingernails, his teeth, when he chopped his finger off! What a story teller!

He was brave and a coward at the same time. Like you and me. Self important when he was comfortable and in charge and falling into despondency instantly when he had the rug pulled from under him. He came across as a self important nitwit while things were going his way. But when he realised ... Wow!

On one level the media don't do too well. The succession of pastel people doing their talking heads impersonations didn't work for me. Not sure if they really boosted the story along. Probably I'll have to watch it again.

But reading the media circus as satire, that works very well. The talking heads became ridiculous in their attempts to convince their audience it was business as usual, especially with that great mothership hovering above the city.

Type District 9 into google and you get 44 million references. I read the wiki and a couple more but I think I'm going to prefer watching the dvd again, it's a brilliant film.

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