Monday, February 28, 2011

The Lodestar Series

At the end of my stay in my personal Sargasso, I discovered one reason why I'd got becalmed was that I'd lost sight of the whole project. Lodestar was always going to be a series but I'd been working on part one for so long, I'd lost sight of the end.

The larger story unfolds with a series of characters living successive parts from their own point of view. For instance, with the help of a natural disaster or two, Ahni of the SkinGifters finally dislodges her people from the extremely straitened circumstances they live in and we have Kes, her would-be lover, trying to organise his life to include her.

Kes's part in the larger project does not follow on neatly from Ahni's and leads to the timeline problems I have been going on about.

I came to the conclusion one sleepless night, I'd never be able to solve these problems if I persisted in thinking of them as a story that would be published in (linear) books.

What about, I thought on a tide of excitement ... (that might read a bit excessive but I want to relate my excitement without resorting to the dreaded exclamation mark) ... what about if I publish online? Organise a hyperlinked path, allow readers to find their own timeline?

Well, I've drawn up the whole map finally and I know where I'm on it.

I haven't decided yet whether to get the whole thing up at once -- longer to wait at your end -- or start with what's ready to go. What do you think?

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