Monday, February 7, 2011

Pre-empting Myself

I've been writing Lodestar for so many years and it is getting so long, I'm finding it difficult not to pre-empt myself using various of my inventions. For instance, today I realised Kes is the third character I've got experiencing a Life Suit.

The Life Suit concept is too good a strategy not to have Kes use it so I must just give him a bunch of different experiences compared to the others. Fingers crossed for now on that score, I have nevertheless made myself a note about the possibility of a problem arising in my editing notebook. I see another edit coming on after this one while I had intended ...

I'm not too upset about the multiplicity of the Life Suits. It is an important concept in the story at hand that can be only be enriched by having it experienced by different people, especially since Kes is of a vastly different culture than CAVE's avatars.

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