Saturday, February 19, 2011

Writer Becalmed

While I was tidying my hard drive, I came across an article reviewing a mysterious well-wisher's experiences being mentored by Michael Hauge, screenwriter. I've just spent 20 minutes searching for address details without success. I'm sorry I cannot link you with this great article. A lesson for my future, save everything with referential detail.

Writing Lodestar, seemingly forever, I've written myself into another of those sargasso's, which is what I call the places where I get becalmed. When I sit there, in my little writing ship with seaweed all around me, I know I need to get the rowboat out and pull the ship back into the wind.

I go and looking for things to read about writing and tidy my hard drive at the same time. And then go and do some housework to allow the stuff I've just read to percolate through to where it's needed.

A lot of the things Michael Hauge said to me by way of the mysterious reviewer's excellent report, I have probably read and heard a couple of hundred times before. Stories need objectives. Stories have stages. The pattern of Western story-telling is in our bones. But I guess I was ready to hear this stuff at a new level, said in a new way. (There's much useful stuff in the article, also the mysterious well-wisher's own words. I need to find a link before I write more on this.)

I'm back in the ship. But tacking while I chart my way forward. Some things I already know. Lodestar is too much of sprawl. I may separate it into novellas. Make it a series. Novellas are becoming more popular again now that epublishing is on the rise.

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