Thursday, March 3, 2011

Editing Real Life

Editing is what I have been doing this week, attempting to 'do' a chapter a day of Ahni SkinGifter, part one of the Lodestar Series. Managing it until I hit chapter 9 which previously was from Kes's point of view.

Due to the new structure I've decided on, I need to write this chap from Ahni's point of view. I slowed down. Can't hurry over a scene where the lovers meet and proceed their relationship, all in the dark and with three, counting the implant, extremely antagonistic elders in the picture as well.

Then real life interceded. I attempted one of my reads-in-one-sitting. Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith. A great deal of turgid prose that I skim-skipped. Dialogue is so rare and special, it's italicised. The primary plot, the part that's sign posted as the 'thriller' often is almost subsumed by the way the 'perfect society' (Stalin's Soviet Union) re interprets its people's experiences. (This second part generating the turgidity.)

All of it fatal to my schedule. I sit up till the small hours and when I finally do go to bed, I can't sleep for thinking about it. Thinking that trying to integrate it into what I know about Stalin's scene is not what i should be doing at 2.30 a/m.

The next day, today, is a wash-out. Especially since there was a lot of other real life stuff to do as well. I'm just glad I was able to get to the blogs.

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