Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Real Life, What is it?

What is real life anyway?

An account of what I do in a typical day? Get up, have breakfast and write in the meantime ... pen on paper, get outside and weed around the vege garden, sit in front of the computer and write, wash the dishes, eat my lunch -- and read, write, go for a walk, check my emails and so the day marches to its close.

A description of a typical writing day? Get up, thinking about what I will attempt to achieve that day... which probably makes me an A-type personality, achievement oriented. At breakfast time, while slurping down three mugs of tea and eating my muesli, I write down/draw/plan/chart the ideas a good night's sleep, if I had one, generated. Pen on paper, whatever colour comes to hand. In a scrapbook journal, number 43 or thereabouts.

Wander outside. Weed halfway around the vege garden, exposing again the track for the two nearside mower wheels, throwing back onto the woodchip path all the bits of tree bark loosened by me ripping out the weeds. Thinking meanwhile what I'll do tomorrow.

Do the other half of that job? Or will I make a start on the paths inside the vege garden enclosure? Or plant a couple of things, that midgin berry bush for example? Before I do that I should shift the koda, and before I do that I'll need to take out the lime berry and pot it.

It doesn't matter in a garden, there's always something and all of it is constructive.

But something is missing. It's just an account. Where's the real?

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  1. How is this world building I might hear you say. You, a reader, might use the detail to build up an idea of the world I live in. Pretty insubstantial so far, I know.

    I labelled it worldbuilding because that's all that can so far be. The narrative background, the stuff that happens in the background of a story, say I wanted to write a first person story.

    There's no plot. Nothing happening. No conflict followed by a resolution, which seems to be what we in our culture expect. No conflict, no drama.

    And this is my life?

    Yep. I do my conflicting on the page, in my head. Don't we all?