Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Writing, Writing, Writing

Is what I am doing, every spare minute of the day as well as the un-spare ones where I just shuffle my priorities aside to make a way through them. Making the ones that are semi-urgent wait. Listing everything that needs doing but doing them only 'just in time'.

I'm writing, in long hand and every other pen on paper style I've ever used. I'm writing a long short story. I'm writing it in the first person. I'm being in the skin of the main character, feeling his frights, feeling his feelings, his hunger, his thirst. He's been abandoned in the woods. I'm forgetting to eat and describing how I feel when I realise. I've got a dry mouth right now, I need to take in some more water.

I doubt I'll be in bed in time for my needful eight hours because my character is having to sleep in the forest tonight and I need to go out and feel it with him. What the moon looks like at midnight. Where it stands above the planet. What insects his planet has invented for him to hear. What animals. What do I hear in the undergrowth. What do I feel/do when a cane toad hops into my path.

He hasn't found any water yet. His planet doesn't know about creeks and brooks. He might have a dream. He has the blood and bones and stories in him of two people. The invaders have got to be good for something other than what they're trying. Their planet died.

These also are words I should be writing down in my scrapbook. Which contains the words with which I will construct the story. First I tell it to myself. Then I live it in the skin of the character. Then, with the help of a previously designed structure, required by the gatekeepers of all story that seeks to be published, popularly called a scene map, I mix and match, stir and trouble.

Finally, I smoothe the places where I lost my concentration or had an interruption longer than ten minutes, and forgot to feel this or that, lonely or burdened with too much knowledge, or forgot to smell the earthy mushroomy scent of the mulch  the boy slept on. When I have finished all that I will tell you his name, and the way of his story.

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