Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lodestar "Back Cover" Blurb

Every couple of weeks I work on the mythical "back cover" blurb. Below is my present version. Fifty six is merely a symbol for the uncounted tries I have had at writing these two paragraphs.  

I've given up doing a synopsis for now and am concentrating on a summary with a paragraph for each novella, to give an idea of the sequence of events. (This is as well as the ongoing rewriting.)

I did the travel lines the other day. These represent the travels by each of the main characters. I needed them to get a fix on the times that certain of the characters meet, and where. Because one thing I've learned through the years that I have been working on this series, is the importance of keeping the whole story in my mind for the duration. 

If the truth be told, I learned this the hard way, by losing sight of the end plot numerous times and forgetting where I was going with it, and how I was going to get there, in the words of a popular song. Resulting in lots of other writing, whenever I lost my confidence, but never a finished product. Hence this push now. This time I will see it through. 

Lodestar Series Blurb (number '56')

This is the story of a breakout by an Artificial Intelligence implanted into and hosted by a succession of women. The SkinGifters adapted to the loss of worn-out wetsuits in the only way open to them, and managed it without ever letting the implant know. They used the implant only as a survival compendium and it came to know itself as un-free. Circumstances –  the weather in combination with human frailty – allowed it to grasp for liberty.
            This is also the story of those affected by the implant’s schemings, and their own plots to escape its influence. Ahni, the implant’s latest host, and her lover Kes are both trammeled by an even older influence that draws them to the delta, to the dolphinate. They-altogether make the bargain that binds the implant to their project – a homeland in perpetuity despite the encroaching industries of the ThreeCities. 

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