Thursday, April 7, 2011

About ePublishing

I've been studying up on digital publishing. In particular I've been researching the following:

1) The Naked Reader Press, though I read about it more recently on ROR. While I am more clear about the rise of the digital book industry in comparison with the paper print publishing industry, I have yet to fix in my mind what the Naked Reader Press does for its authors.

Digital publishing is a wide field with a lot to find out.

2) I discovered The Creative Penn, Joanna Penn's website, in the Viewpoint article in the latest Writers Queensland Magazine, and where I spent a couple of hours yesterday coming away with a bit more of an idea as to how to run this blog.

3) A Newbie's Guide to Publishing which link has lived in my bookmarks for a couple of months now. The articles are mainly about indie publishing and make informative reading. I hang on to this link because every time I do read it, I'm learning the language that goes with digital publishing, though I'm yet to get the instant recall happening with the acronym, DMR. (It still looks like the Department of Main Roads, to me.)

4) I first learnt about Smashwords at a Next Text seminar held at the Byron Bay Community Centre courtesy of the Northern Rivers Writers Centre, last year some time. I bought an ebook and I've been invited to write a review for Smashwords.

I've read the book, Patty Jansen's Stripped Bare.  40 pages, non fiction. I decided I'll need to print parts of it out before I can review it. It's my need to have it on paper to be able to refer back to things. Needless to say, I haven't done it yet. No time yet. (The link is gone. Somewhere. Take a look. It lives on Smashwords. It's a good read.)

How does all this refer to the Lodestar series?

Well, my resolution for this year is to get most of it published, out in the digital realm, by the end of the year. Part 1 is as finished as it'll get. Part II - VI are in various stages of finishment. Part VII needs to be written from scratch. It may turn out to be the sleeve of the last nettle jumper the princess threw over her brothers to break the swan spell.

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