Saturday, April 16, 2011

Solving Problems by way of a Brain

What does a writer need to solve knots in a work-in-process?

A brain will go a long way. Time for some in-depth thinking is probably another essential. It is for me. Which means just sitting around. Great when the sun is shining. Today it was cloudy all day.

Thinking thinking.

Apparently it helped that I had talked with a friend about eyes and eye diseases and how eyes work, a couple of weeks ago. Singapore was mentioned, in relation to a study suggesting that an astronomical number of Singaporean people are short sighted because they spend their lives in buildings and among buildings. Only ever seeing short distances their brains never develop longer sightedness. Or so the article tells us.

I've been wondering how the heck I was going to explain robots moving through spaces shared with humans, without being seen. And I was wondering how to explain that the Caves' management was able to convince its slaves they were in a 3D virtual situation when they most certainly were not.

Thinking thinking.

Connections happened. The unconscious at work again. My favourite process -- taking a problem to bed and getting up next morning with the answer.

I will make the cave's population even more short sighted than Singapore's people, and genetically at that. All of them will be the believers. And I will make the Main Character the non-believer. She'll be able to see normal distances. She'll be doing the explaining, as well as acting the main role.

All is good. I have it in hand. All I have to do before I begin on writing all that, is a really really good first  paragraph closer to the beginning of all the weird stuff. Chaps 1 and 2 will just have to be back story.

As usual.

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