Sunday, May 29, 2011

Inner vs Outer Life

After concentrating very hard on the LodeStar Series for over a fortnight, I've got a week of Landcare and social events coming up. Knowing that, I let myself get distracted even in times I could spend an hour here and there.

So I ended up spending my usual writing period this morning on something totally different. Such as cogitating on what I could say if I joined the Twittering community.

With a bit of figuring, dividing (4 letters and 1 space equals 5 keystrokes as the average size of words) into 140 keystrokes, came up with the personal formula of about 28 words or less.

Then I wondered what I would want to say.

And I wondered what isn't being said by hundreds of other people already.

Then I wondered how I could keep it going. Daily tweets! How long would I last. And coming to the conclusion that I'd have to start writing tweets well before I start tweeting. Like have a good swag, more than a hundred, written out to be going on with.

This as a result of my experience with a story blog I did a couple of years ago -- Kosi Lionhair -- not online anymore -- when, because of what was happening in my "outer" life I couldn't think straight enough to keep the story going.

And then writing this, and before you know it, it's time to gulp down a bit of lunch and off I go to the first of my meetings.

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