Saturday, May 7, 2011

Letting Go

Rewriting often involves letting go big chunks of material. Part II of what is now the Lodestar Series was one of the first sections I wrote, many years ago.

Srese in the meantime has grown older, from a young teen to older teen. As well as the facts that she has more experience, is more her own person and hopefully a bit wiser, she now has a mission and the attitude to achieve it.

Meaning any scene that doesn't support those character traits is being let go. Last week I was having great trouble with chapters 2 and 3, trying to convince both Srese and myself of her new status as go-getting hero girl. And not getting anywhere until I honed in on a particular scene.

She was in it by herself. With no antagonist to bounce off to build up her strength. No dialogue to carry the story on. Just her solitary thinking and experiencing. Dangerous territory for her writer (me) in this point in her, that is, my development.

The point of the scene was to establish the geography of the inside of the habitat compared to the outside. It seemed a complex idea that would need a scene. How confronting it was to realise that Srese was a smart cookie who will work all that out in about one sentence in the next chapter, when she does get outside.

Her first task, though, is to keep her readers on tenterhooks by settling into a confrontational relationship with Ferd, the previous avatar, who is to guide her through the Game Master's requirements. Chapter 4, The Game Begins, here we come.

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