Saturday, May 21, 2011

Names in the Lodestar Universe

Among the SkinGifters, female children that are to be kept are named their family name, such as Kira. When the girl became a mother, she was renamed KiraMah. Her mother at the same time would've become a Sister and be named KiraSister. Boy's names were derived from their mother's names. Kira's baby boy was called Kiral. Kira's brother was called Kip.

While they were babies and little children, Srese and Sard Kerr of the Cave habitat, were called by pet names such as sweetling and honeybear. As soon as they can read they can choose their personal names from the Name Book. Srese and Sard chose their twin names for their colours. Srese for the colour Cerise, and Sard for the colour of the semi precious stone, Sardonyx, a yellow. The twins before them were Ferd and Federica.

Kes for Kestrel was the name chosen for him by his parents. The six families of the herders/ traders/ hunters -- to keep the upper hand, they keep themselves differently mysterious for each of the different peoples that do business with -- have names starting with a particular letter.  Kes's mother is Kuri. His brothers are Kyle and Kier. His father is Jenk.

Scrim? It's too soon to talk about him.

Penippa's name is made up of the sounds of the dolphin language. She is of the dolphinate.

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