Thursday, June 2, 2011

One of Those Where did the Week Go Moments

Looking back at the last post I noticed the date on it was Sunday 29th. I thought Huh? I thought I wrote it on Monday and went to a meeting in the afternoon? And it's Thursday today? I had a plan for the week but the week is gone. I spent it on ... what?

Tuesday I spent all my writing time trying to compose Twitters on Deep Ecology, another growing interest. What struck me, with the restriction on keystrokes, 140, feels a lot like composing poetry. And I fell back into it just like that. Writing poetry. It put me into a weird space that day.

On Wednesday I took my mother, aged 86, to one of her appointments. We usually make an outing of it, with lunch at the Middle Pub. Then window- and actual shopping.

Thursday, that's today, I believe, amongst other things I finished reading a wonderful novel, Death of a Whaler by Nerida Newton. Beautiful spare writing. Lyrical. About Byron Bay in the sixties as well as about a wonderful character whom I will long remember, Flinch, and his friend Nate who died in the first chapter only to be kept alive in Flinch's memories. I recommend it.

And today I started thinking about the new ending I need for Srese Kerr's part of the Lodestar story. I think I'm just about over the letting go of the old ending and can make a clean start. I think I'm revving myself up to write the last chapter first. That's a new thing for me.

And today, after I read this article on ifbooks, a good summary of what I have been reading about the whole deal for the last year or so,

Moving On Jun 1, 2011 by Peter Donoughue

I thought that the debate about ebooks and epublishing versus paper books and paper publishing hasn't yet touched on the comparison of embodied carbon in either processes. 
I know it seems as though ebooks should be a lot cheaper on carbon. After all the paper is totally carbon. But of course as long as the book 'lives' the carbon is bound up in it. And I read somewhere only yesterday that the internet as a whole chews up about as much electricity as a full size country and then some. I'm determined to research it. 

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