Monday, July 4, 2011

Intermission - Backstage

I'm running into the same troubles that i had with serialising Kosi Lionhair. (Point noted and taken on board. Mistakes do need to be made more than once sometimes to be recognised as bad habits.)

First are my writing habits/needs. I feel most comfortable writing the part, chapter, section, printing it out (scrap paper always) letting it lie to be able to come back to it with a reader's eye as opposed to with the writer's eye - because a writer does not see her own foibles.

You might be asking why I'm not writing ahead. I started ahead. Life keeps interrupting and suntime, when it shines, needs to be taken advantage of.

Yesterday I hade a very enjoyable photo shoot with Thommo and Cedar auditioning for their parts later on in the story, with Thommo showing off all his tricks.

Thommo shaking hands with his ears well back.

Cedar's portrait shot unfortunately too blurry to publish today.

Further I have Bertie making his appearance next instalment.

Now I'm cold. And I am going to get outside in the sun. Probably to pull a few weeds.

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