Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lodestar - New Endings

While I've been busy with Hezzie MacPhee, the Lodestar story has been simmering on the back of the writing stove. Specifically the ending of Srese Kerr, Part II of the saga, which needed a completely new ending.

I found it incredibly difficult to let go of the previous ending in its entirety, that is, without referring to it while writing a completely new ending. Even the idea that a whole different resolution was possible was hard to get my head around. I think it must be a function of the years I spent on it, that the saga as it was then seemed that it had always existed and couldn't be changed.

But, since a saga it was, even unto its mythic and fragmentary nature, it needed to be restructured to make it readable by more readers than just myself. That's the plan, anyway, to take half a line out of Serenity.

What I did find interesting was that I couldn't begin the task until I had some really good chapter titles. Quite a few days of blank went by before I woke up one morning with them.

A lot has to happen in these two chapters. Srese discovers first, that she must leave home and second, that she can't stay in the group in which she briefly finds herself but must stride forth alone. Meanwhile keeping herself out of Youk's clutches.

Ahni and her people must be sent off scattered. Also travelling are Sard, Srese's twin brother, and Kes, Ahni's lover. Though they appear in subsequent parts, they exist in that same geography. The landscape of the story is not the whole world and so there needs to be judicious partitioning so that the characters don't trip over each other unexpectedly.

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