Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The End is Elusive

The end of Srese Kerr's instalment, second in the Lodestar Series, or Saga as I've been variously calling it, is almost nigh. But I wrote and wrote, I had three days straight. Poured out a lot of words. Seemed good while I was writing it.

Lay it away for a day.

Started reading. Oof. I hated it. It's Srese dealing with Youk while they both have to make a get away.

Started rethinking it overnight. Re imagining how Srese would feel the first time she steps outside the door and sees the desert. The burning sky. The red land stretching to the horizon dotted with dry spinifex tussocks. Thinking that actually they might need to depend on each other at first. The reality is so different than what they are used to.

I started writing it again, from scratch. All the above, and them being shut out, prevented from returning. Having to press on. Srese not wanting to go it alone. Knowing there's all this stuff she doesn't know.

Yes, so I have to walk the knife edge between her being a wimp and her being the courageous person she'd decided to be. But that's good. It'll mean more drama.

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