Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ideas: Where From

While I was weeding in my garden and tucking bunches of weeds into the new compost heap made of  grass clippings, I realised one of the reasons for the hold up on Hezzie MacPhee is that I didn't know how to get the wizard to and through the next stage of his transformation.

Because not knowing what he would look like after the fourth spell, ie not being able to visualise him, I couldn't yet write back from that image to the place where he is transformed by Hezzie's next spell.

It's an interesting and frustrating fact that as soon as you put some rules into place in a story, their logical permutations are what drive you/I/the writer into the proverbial corner.

In the case of Hezzie MacPhee I did that to myself with Hezzie's spells and the (dis) order in which I used them. Writing myself out of the corner is now my task.

This image was a photo, I seem to remember of a bunch of azolla fern roots amid bubbles of air in water,  asking for transformation (with the help of the Preview Program) that I am using to help me imagine the 80%-ed wizard.

That action, of tucking something into the skirts of the pile of grass clippings, will probably also figure in the next transformation scene.

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