Monday, October 10, 2011

Living in the Moment by Knitting

Knitting a complex pattern is a great way of living in the moment. No way can you let your eyes stray from the pattern without dropping a stitch or forgetting to loop the yarn over the needle.

This is an image of a small part of my present knitting project, a rug made of scraps left over from my mother's industry. She knits striped socks, about six hundred pairs a year.

I love setting myself limits and working out the greatest possible variations within those parameters. In this rug I'm inventing ways to knit holes. Very like writing, you'll be saying and I agree with you.

However, I can't write every minute of the day and knitting allows itself to be picked up to fill the odd ten minutes here and there, or on the other hand a relaxing hour in the evening.

During my usual writing times in the last few days I have been working on the 'bible' that I will need to write the rest of the Tardi Mack series. He who is the hero of the novel I have just finished.

The first novel I ever wrote I was able to hold all the detail in my head. With this most recent one I was forever having to go back to page 103, or whatever, to find whether I'd said such and such. This gets especially bad after a few drafts because you/I just can't remember which details have been added or subtracted.

Therefore, I need a compendium, called a 'bible' in the writing trade, of all the important detail. Constructing the bible after the completion of the project is another quite a good way of proof-reading. I have already found two different names for one city.

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