Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Story Bibles

Now that I have finished Monster-Moored, a science fantasy, and am planning to write more instalments I need to have on hand for leafing through and checking details:

1) all my technological inventions,
2) all the mentions of the evidence of the existence of the Moogerah Monster in the action of the novel,
3) all the Monster's interventions in the mind of the main character,
4) the instances it uses incidents from his host's memory, and how it changes them.
5) Tardi Mack as the main character's appearance, mannerisms, attributes, speech markers and how he changes over the time of the action
6) The same for his little brother. Steve is the character that through his IT skills is able to get hold of some of the information needed.

Although I'm also doing a list for one of the women, Del but it is mainly to keep her part of the story straight. Tardi is trying to break up with Rowan, his girlfriend, who will not cope with the changes. Del offers herself but we will see.

Also a list of the physical attributes of the scene where this part of the story is taking place -- which is Byron Bay and its hinterland, in 2160 AD +/- . In this story, sea levels have risen, and the map looks rather different than the present day scenario.

I'm amazed at how easy it is, copying and pasting from the main document onto the appropriate open page. All the necessary pages are open and it is a simple click on the start-up bar running along the bottom of the screen, in Word 2007, to bring the appropriate one to the front. At the rate I'm going I should be finished inside a week.

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