Thursday, November 10, 2011

About Blogging, One

What I've learned over 2011 (so far) about blogging. I write three blogs of varying success, due I believe to the level of popular versus specialist interest in their topics.

Strange Nasturtium Leaves
Despite the fact I began it over eight months after this blog,, my blog about biodiversity in my backyard, interest in it has by-passed interest in this one with leaps and bounds.

Although I began the blog to interest local gardeners and build up a community interest in the biodiversity of life we all have access to in this region, that we can all help to maintain in the face of the big changes coming, it has been of more interest by readers world-wide. Its hit count is approx 1225 from 102 posts.

Mullum Yard's format is simple. I always have a photo of something happening in the one or two days of the time, accompanied by a little story of about 500 words. For the titles I'm often able to dip into the large public domain of 'sticky' words, where sticky means current ideas that are in the news somewhere. I'm sure this helps with getting noticed by search engines. is still a new kid of the block as far as blogs go with 12 posts and 197 visits. My macro fungi fruiting bodies obsession has only been going for about eight months in total, and I certainly didn't think of starting the blog straightaway.

An interest in macro fungi seems to me to be fairly specialised. I'm basing that on how much/little I can find about fungi and what sort of things are written recorded filmed researched, and the language, formal/casual for writing about fungi. It will be interesting to see what i can do to enlarge the readership.

My third, or rather first blog is this one. With 959 of your visits to 116 of my posts, it has been an interesting if meandering ride. With me being able to trace my own diligence in posting, by the numbers of your visits. I thank you, dear readers, for returning after my frequent periods writing offline. You may be interested to learn that I now have a novel, Tardi Mack is Monster-Moored with its beta readers.

Life has a habit of taking time, as I said yesterday, and time can only be used once. Right now for example, it is 7:52 pm here, and really, I should be making my dinner. Let me just ask why The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break is the most popular posting so far?