Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Short Story Abysm

Seasonal disruptions being what they are - the getting ready for parties, cooking, socialising, extra cleaning etc - I thought I'd have a try at a short story this month.

There's a strong beginning, yes.

Is there a plot? Not yet.

A narrative, yes. Premise, scenario, world building, no problem. 

An interesting main character needing a bit of research to clarify his/her various genetic possibilities? In the bag.

No plot yet, but a squad of different scenes trampling the ground while they are waiting. For a plot, of course.   

No plot yet, apart from an escape. 

A cast of thousands, still being whittled. 

No plot yet. Or rather, the only plot that auditioned, the escape, refuses to fit itself into a three thousand word story. It's crying out for a bigger vehicle. 

There are a couple of levels of meaning, which is not really a short story thing as I understand it. The superficial adventuring thing and the ethical/philosophical thing. There's no bloody violence. There's no romantic love. It isn't fantasy. 

There's even an end. An uplifting one though the setting is bleak. Is that possible? 

I have no idea as to who would be interested in reading it. The usual problem. 

Thousands of words already. Several times more than the three thousand required. Whittling them is no longer an option. The detail required for the story to make sense doesn't allow it to be cut down. 

Maybe I should go and do a short story workshop or three. 

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