Sunday, August 26, 2012

Life As She Lives It

The old shed, on the left, is gone and a new garage is in the process of being built. My job for the weekend was to water the new concrete slab daily, to help it cure.

My second outdoor job is to shift my fishponds.  They are too near the build. I'm halfway emptying the second bath - I use old baths. Cane toads tend not to be able to jump into them.

Standing around now are six buckets, two crates and a watering can all containing various bits of water plants and a few fish.

While I bale the contents of the second bath into the first, every time I need a bit of action. It's good to have an outdoor thing to do to get me moving.

Because I am also doing a final draft on Part II of the Lodestar Series, part of a submission to an editor. Eighty thousand words by the end of the week as well as the whole series' plot outlines. I've decided to publish the first two parts soon.

And added to which was the Adult and Community Education course on e-marketing I signed up for a couple of months ago and completely forgot. That was the Saturday before yesterday and the Saturday before that. Very very useful but a steep learning curve.

Landcare does not stop either. Three dates coming up for that, this week.

Not much new writing going on. Just a sentence here and there, correcting misspelled words, a better way of saying something that reads awkwardly, a comma to put in here and taking another out there, and getting rid of the irritating little green underlinings with which MS Word lets us know of grammar problems and double spaces.

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