Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Story is the Journey

Last night on The Book Designer I read about ten blogs and the reasons that they are successful, and promptly tripped into the hole yawning always before me.

I'm sure everybody has a pit of despair about their shortcomings. This morning I climbed up out of mine and I did a reality check. It became an audit of what this blog is about.

The title, up there on the flank of that angry star, could just as well have read "Story is the journey."

The journey along the staging posts of the craft of writing. Whatever is necessary to get the story on the page, be it virtual or be it hard copy. A never ending learning curve.

And this blog is a journey through my fellow writers' stories. My gleanings, through book reviews, of their solutions to writing problems I meet, and therefore you might meet.

The stories I have met and made and am still making part of me is another journey. This one without an end other than the obvious one featuring the dark scythe-wielding antagonist.

Most recently George Martin's Song of Ice and Fire. Far in the past the books of my youth, Remi by Hector Malot, Gerdientje by W G van de Hulst and Tom Godwin's Space Prison to name but a few.

In between, I squirrel around getting more words. Wikipedia is fabulous on colours, I discovered recently. Take a look at Red and you will be amazed.

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