Monday, November 12, 2012

Donald Maass, I'm Hooked.

Rewriting is the name of the game. Writing and rewriting the Lodestar Series, I stuttered to a halt again. I feel because I didn't leave enough time between the prognosis and the beginning of the new effort.

My mind telling me I wasn't ready. Lodestar Series needs more creative surgery than I could generate in the ideas department. I felt depleted in that area for that story.

Looking about for something inspiring to help me produce a work I can be proud of, I came across Writing 21st Century Fiction: High impact techniques for exceptional storytelling by Donald Maass.

Printable checklists of 21st Century Tools are available on the Writers Digest website, which is a great help. I feel so good about these Tools that I intend using the checklists for everything I've written, one story at the time.

At the moment, I'm having another go at my novel Monster-Moored which, at approx 100 000 words, I thought to be more do-able with the season of cheer fast approaching. I'm in the thick of it, today finishing the Hierarchy of Externalisation, which required me to look at every scene in the book, 93 of them, and for each one note down changed circumstances, observable actions, anything new, passages of exposition. I added observable emotions, because writing emotion is where I'm weak.

This took six days but taught me more about the sprawl that is this novel than any other method of rewriting that I've tried. There is still also a lot of work to do, but due to the organisation of the suggestions, is possible to break into specific tasks. And each feels like a positive step.