Monday, February 4, 2013

Dithering my way towards Smashwords

After a trying time, trying to inspire myself to finally get published, but getting ground down by the requirements and specifications of the goliath, I recalled an inspirational talk by Mark Coker.

Way back in history, at my local Writers Centre in Byron Bay. It was a seminar on epublishing when Smashwords was still new and hadn't taken off yet. The first year of its operations, I believe.


This is it. I'm going with the david.

And not only that, I'm done with trying to format for publication. Though Mark gives a fabulous description of the hows and whats in in his Smashwords Style Guide my word processor is not up to it, and I'm tired of the time-wasting while I fight it.

Instead I sent for Mark's List.

And am getting my formatting done by John Low and team at

They have a good troubleshooting site at where to get answers about anything at all to do with the publishing process. 

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