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When Renovations Stage II are the Story

When renovations are the story, I am Admin. I do the maths, the banking and the diary. RH is Project Manager, builder, carpenter and ditch-digger. I have the last word on spending.
The new-bathroom-job began with RH ripping old lining, floor and ceiling from the veranda storeroom. Re-engineering the support structure. The house is nearly a century old and was built of local timbers. Not all of them have stood the test of time.
When all was revealed, AB, plumber, came in for the underfloor work. He was at first taken aback by the standing water under the house at ground level – it was the month of big rain – but was soon dressed for the operation. He installed a couple of temporarily lidded entry points for sewage and some taped-up outlets for water. He and Admin discussed mixers versus ordinary hot-and-cold taps and the quality of various makes of toilet pedestals. Afterwards, Admin hared off to the local second-hand building supplies. She inspected various models of vanity basins,…

Editing, Once Again

There always comes a point in rewriting when I think I’ve achieved the elusive quality of good readability, when there is nothing left in the work-in-progress to remind a reader that that is what they’re doing … reading. That’s when I head-up a draft with the fatal words, ‘Final Edit’.
And that’s also the point when a good critique will inevitably throw my plans into disarray. I’ve rewritten Monster Moored more than a few times now, attending to structure, story flow, characterization, sentence sequencing and a host of other detail, and was in the middle of what I thought would be that final rewrite.
Then I was tempted by the possibility of a critique or two after I rejoined the Online Writers Workshop (OWW) and discovered I still had some points in my quiver. I submitted Chapters 1, 2 and 3.
The excellent critique of them stopped me in my tracks. I’ve done no further rewriting. Not of Chapter 21: Tardi at the Depot, where he faces his father, nor of Chapters 1, 2 and 3 because I n…

A Free Read, Science Fantasy

The excitement over at Smashwords continues. The same week that I published, they had their Free E-reading week, with however many authors (self included) signed up to allow their work to be read for free.

This worked very well for me, since I hadn't grasped the coupon system yet. That first week I had three books 'sold', and the samples downloaded twice.

This may not sound a lot, but to me it's pretty exciting. At an e-publishing course I did a while ago, the presenter said frequently that it takes a slow start to gain momentum. We shall see.

Now I have the coupon ... KQ48G ... with which you will be able to get The Harrowing for free until the 30th of April. Just clicking on this, The Harrowing will get you there. 

The Harrowing, ePublished -- Hooray!

The Harrowing
This is it, epublished. 
At Smashwords.

Available in a variety of formats as seen below: 
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