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Stories I'm Living

This morning I counted up all the stories (things, projects) I'm involved with or in at the moment. Thirteen!!! Far too many, I know. Top of my list were the two crit groups, one online and in the raw. Probably at the top because today is the in-the-raw meet and I still need to prepare something. My conscience pulled them to the fore.

Next were the two W-I-P I'm working on. One that I'm having critiqued at the Online Writers Workshop, so it's an edit. The second work is a first draft. I'm writing fragments, where and when they appear in my mind. This is where serviettes, old envelopes with shopping lists on the front and dockets from the hardware store come into play. 
Ceramics, I took home two half tiles, 30 cm x 15 cm each to paint up during the week. Three coats of orange. three coats of yellow. The design is the sun shining benignly over the local landscape, the work to be mounted above the roller door into the garage.

The Build, as I call it, where as Admin, I…

Not the Alien You're Thinking of ...

I've been calling my alien 'the monster' to signify how different it is from that other extremely well-known alien. Hence Monster-Moored.

The second reviewer of my Online Writers Workshop submission, Chapters 1-3, asked a handful of questions about the characteristics of my alien though he called it a 'mysterious alien entity'. Enough that I went searching back for my first notes.

First on the computer. Documents. Spent a couple of hours searching through what seems like everything I've ever written. Relabelling. Reformatting files and directories. A good clean-up. Finding amazing stuff I'd forgotten I had. Or I knew I still had, but not where.

Forgetting to write what I should have. The article in another of my stories. Mea culpa.

I printed some out and bull-dog clipped it together. Earth Fall, the beginning. Enough material for a whole other novel. A prequel it will have to be, to Monster-Moored. I remember now that ten years ago when I first had that ide…