Thursday, May 16, 2013

Renovations Are in Hand ...

...but everything else is slipping through my fingers. This blog for instance. All week and all month I think of interesting topics, titles and fragments of ideas to blog. But I'm not near the computer. I might have my putty knife in hand to 'pack' (that is the term, I believe) imperfect seams between new upright interior timbers and old once-exterior chamfered weatherboards. 

Shower corner, tiled and painted. Good to go. 
Or I might be stripping back a door. This one used to be the door between my living room and latticed verandah. It will be the door from the hall into the new bathroom. It is a non-literary work in progress.

Door in process of being stripped of five coats of paint. 

 I'm going to be trying something new (to me). Writing a couple of posts at the time and having blogger feed them out to preset dates. We'll see how that works.

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