Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stage III Has Begun

Old meets What Will be Renewed
Renovations are in hand, despite the rain. Again. Showers.

Thirteen concrete pads with steel stirrups for timbers were poured today. The backyard is a swamp due to all the to-ing and fro-ing with a filled wheelbarrow. I stand on the back step to look at it all.

The old part of the house sits, and will continue to do so, unfastened on its stumps, as shown. Builder tells me that come a cyclone I'll be safer in the new annex than anywhere. We're joking of course. The annex will have one wall mostly of glass.

Writing today was at breakfast, in my scrapbbok. A scrap of the work in progress. And now, this blog post.

The rest of the day went in admiring the progress and the process, bits of cleaning up, bits of knitting, sorting stuff to keep, stuff to be tossed, stuff to be taken to the opportunity shops ...

There will be sorting forever, probably.

And now this is being typed with one finger, due to a large cat claiming a lap, the laptop relegated to the footstool.

The aforesaid cat, Maggy by name, Baggy-Maggy, and a variety of other endearments, has not coped well with the changes around her. Her black tail is sweeping and when I remove her paw from the computer, she thinks because I am typing she should be able to type also, she jumps away.

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