Saturday, May 25, 2013

Writing Science Fiction: A Strategy

Diatribe: what I started to write about the craft of writing but deleted. Started again. See previous post.

Making strange a cactus by renaming it:
Shark Tooth Cactus
We will look at the word without referring to the actual meaning. 'Dia' when it is part of dialogue means a conversation between two people. 'Tribe' could refer to the whole lot of us, our tribe. Therefore 'diatribe' could mean a conversation among the whole lot of us.

What I just did was to make up a new meaning for the word. This is a favourite strategy of some writers. Science fiction writers more often than others but I will always remember the combination of such a rejigging, and its combination with a cliche in Vernon God Little by DCB Pierre. One of my all time favourite books.

In that novel 'a paradigm shift' became a 'power-dime' the ability to change powerfully through being able to use a powerfully-turning dime (ten cent coin) to turn on.

Online dictionaries gave me these meanings:

Paradigm shift:
a change in basic assumptions

a harangue, a criticism

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