Thursday, July 25, 2013

Broken writing wrist = broken writing practice

Glade, badly 'shopped
As well as everything else still going on, renovations, life, living etc there's a broken wrist at the end of my right arm. The reason I fell was pinched nerve in my back.

Resulting in not much sitting, and not much writing. Just a four fingered hippity hop with my left hand and one finger of my right hand. Just keeping up with email, Landcare things, a tiny bit of writing to the tune of two hundred and fifty words a day, if that.

This is the first time blogging since it happened. Next time, maybe tomorrow, I will spend time on the Online Writers Workshop. Unfortunately I can as yet not use the mouse therefore no links.

No photography, nor the plaster nor the pain allow me to turn my wrist.  Therefore no recording of the stages of the build. No fungi photography. No craft photography. No insects and spiders as I see them.

As well as no links, I can't do sustained photo fetching to the blog. One is easy. This one because I knew exactly where to look for it.

This one represents Glade, bringing me to the positive side of the situation. I have had Scrivener for a while but because I'm very experienced using Word, I hadn't bothered learning Scrivener and it just sat there, an icon on my desktop.

In my present state of ineptitude, I started using Scrivener to set down background notes for my first Glade novel. Every so often I check back to the how-to videos on one of the Scrivener sites to learn something new and then go back into it to practice.

I was told by another Word aficionado I would be able to do everything I wanted to just as well in Word. Trouble is my copy of Word is five years old and how much is it to update? The price of a shower-bath for my new bathroom. I already had Scrivener and even when I bought it, it was a fifth of the price.

The bigger than everything else positive are my wonderful friends. Jude set up a roster. Everyone is cooking me scrumptious dinners. Jude does my washing. People are driving me to doctor's appointments.