Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Writing Science Fiction: Strategies Two and Three

Unknown Spaceship
by R de Heer
This 'thing'reminds me a lot of an organically designed grown spaceship. That blurry, slightly out of focus front viewing bubble.

I can't remember which movie I saw it in. One of the Star Wars franchise with an underwater scene perhaps. 

The background is suitably wild and weird. If you can't pretend it is lying in water - it being impossibly clear -  think of the ship as resting on a ledge on a cliff. 

The metallic carapace is mostly out of the picture and we have to imagine its shape. Long and sleek? Or bulging with more of the observation extrusions?  

The crew I found in a different scenario. Cold. Dank. A long narrow cave. That didn't hold them back. 

They explored outside, suitably suited up. They got lost. Stuck. They starved. And died. Their bones ...

Remains of Unknown Spacefarer
by R de Heer
 The shape of the bones suggest various physiologies. Alien of course. Well, alien in relation to humans. 

The two largest bones have almost spherical ends. The being was two-legged? 

The spherical bone-ends suggests a couple of very agile joints. The being could jump like a frog? 

Several tractor-like scavengers are trawling over the disjointed skeleton. I wonder if she was eaten alive?

In the dark she wouldn't have known which way to jump. The underground passage wasn't very wide. When you start wondering if the rest of the crew is still waiting in the ship you have the beginning of a story. 

Strategy Two is to take an image and re imagine it. My first shot is a fungus believe it or not, found sometimes in the allo casuarina forests adjacent to mangrove swamps, growing in stumps near the ground.

Strategy Three is to slap together two unrelated ideas, or images in this case, and force a joining. The bones in the second photo are I believe of a frog, probably a Green Tree Frog which like to overwinter in drainpipes. When a long mat of tree roots was pulled from the storm-water drain, there were the bones. 

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