Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Renovations Grind On ...

Living room, hall and front door
Photo by R de Heer
While my floors are being resealed I am living in my new back extension. No books, just the laptop and mobile. The modem working away in a far room. Everything but the basics are packed into the spare bedroom.

My house is 95 years old, old for this area which was settled in 1830s by cedar-getters. Forty years later the timber was gone and people started clearing the forest for farming.

The town began in the 1880s. My house was built in 1918, as a rental. The then owners lived next door, in the house still known as Cosy Corner.

Over the years that I have lived here I have had many visits of people who once lived here or had some connection with it. One lady (in her eighties at the time) came to ask for cuttings of the rose bush out front planted by her mother.

An elderly gentleman came one morning for a yarn. He was the baker's boy in the 1940s. He'd come to work in the dawn, harnessing up the horse, driving the cart round to the bakehouse and taking the bread around the town.

A plasterer working on the new extension used to play  with one of the kids living here.

While the varnish dries and cures I am spending my sitting time coming to grips with the story I'm working on. Writing a Scene Map with the various Plot Points for each scene, and protagonist's Internal Journey as shown by his Externalizations (IE his behaviour). Capitalised words are the headings I'm working under.

As usual I forgot to do the Scene Map before I started writing, meaning I'm having a lot of trouble in various areas making the facts fit. Reap what you sow, as the saying goes.

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