Thursday, January 9, 2014

When I Wear my Techie Hat ...

This morning I decided to come to grips with the App store function on my mobile phone. I've been trying this for a while. Like every week or so since I got the phone a couple of months ago.

At the time of the Great Koala Count I actually downloaded the Koala Count App, back in November 2013, and the ALA App (Atlas of Living Australia) using an identity that refused to work thereafter.

After a visit to the Crowd Support site per my laptop, I discovered I would have to Sign Out of my old Apple ID and Sign in with my new one on my mobile.

Wheel of Fire Tree (Stenocarpus sinuatus) by R de Heer
Do you think I could intuitively find the place to do that? By the way, I love throwing the word intuitively around in relation to anything Apple. They have made the concept theirs though the reality is there ain't no such thing in relation to IT.

Or it's me. Yet I use intuition a lot. It is an important connection to the great marshalling yard of ideas in my unconsciousness.

Only by signing up for iCloud was I able to let Apple know of my new ID. Success One: I changed my ID.

On to the App store, where I downloaded the free App for inputting observations to the Climate Watch site. Success Two: Downloaded the Climate Watch App.

Input my Climate Watch username and password and hey presto, the App recognized me! Success Three!

I hardly believed it.

I trotted to my front yard, the kerb. Input the data for the Wheel of Fire Tree (Stenocarpus sinuatus) there, flowering discontinuously since December 2013. Pressed Send.


Alert: GPS co ordinates are not accurate enough. Please try again in a minute...

A couple of dozen minutes later I have

1) Turned on WIFI, pressed Send;
1a) Eaten 2 squares of lowFODMAP chocolate;
2) Joined a Network, pressed Send;
3) Read facts pertaining to the problem, pressed Send;
3a) Eaten two more squares of low FODMAP chocolate;
4) Hoped something had changed without me doing anything, such as for example a comsat (communication satellite) appearing overhead, albeit so far up as to be invisible, pressed Send;
4a) Eaten four more squares of low FODMAP chocolate, folded the packet and put it away!
5) I am spending/wasting too much time on this. I haven't even done the vacuuming yet. It's time to put my techie hat in the cupboard for a while.

It turns out that the reason for my low threshold of frustration is that I have Pyrroluria, a biochemical imbalance involving severe deficiencies of zinc and B6. I need to study up on that. Do biochemists have hats?

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Art and Craft and Use of Reposting

Element of graffiti on Mullumbimby Watertower, not my own work

photo by R de Heer
As anyone in the game of creating knows, it is not possible to post one's own work one hundred percent of the time. Sometimes, to keep up the conversation in whichever of the arenas we're interested in, it is necessary to repost other people's thoughts, writings, ideas, artwork and music. Of course well-referenced - I am not discussing plagiarism here.

Sometimes you are working on a 20 000 word story that you don't want to interrupt longer than you have to. Sometimes someone else says what you're trying to say so much better than you can, you'd rather give them the chair. Sometimes you want to share some of your reading elsewhere for whatever purpose. Sometimes sometimes sometimes. We all have them.

Such a sometime recently, I shared a link to ECOS Magazine to my my Google+ page. Everybody reading me regularly would know I post about the environment. Among several interesting articles in this month's issue, was the one discussing the situation of the GreyHeaded Flying Fox making its camps in Melbourne (Australia), for the simple reason that the increasing number of street trees supply a dependable year-round food source. The article is about encouraging the provision, through parks and greenbelts, of animal habitat in cities and built environments.

An uplifting positive magazine about the environment. I enjoy it. I thought to widen its readership a bit?