Monday, March 24, 2014

Taking up where I left off ...

Photo by R de Heer

A while ago I was in a discussion about taking up where we left off in relation to writing projects after a number of years. 

Yes of course you can, I said with ignorant bravado. I'm having a go at that.

I'm working on a short story, SG, at the moment. Its working title. (I tend to initialise titles to get short file names.) 

I wrote it originally in about 2008.  Characters might have been a little sketchy. The premise was such a good idea. I spruiked it around with nary a nibble. I put it to bed, a problem child. 


A work opportunity came up for a feisty heroine in a 'different' fantasy.

All good, I thought. I've got such in SG. I'll dig them out and refurbish a bit. 

Transgender him to her. Make her a mover and shaker. Explain the scenario more clearly.

So far I have I had to re-imagine her point of view.

The premise was probably too obscure, and had to be reworked.

I had to activate my character's emotional intelligence. Showing requires it. Her stomach rumbled. Gas. Nausea. Telling often ... well ... tells what the character is feeling. She felt sick.  

I had to add joining bits, cut out useless frills -- she is meant to be feisty after all -- delete all the words not relating to imagery or action. 

Only the idea had stood the test of time, and that because it was fantasy. Science fiction dates. Premises get overtaken by scientific progress. 

What's this all to do with the image of the galls on the leaf? 

There's a story inside each gall. Isn't that enough?

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