Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Stage 1 of Rejigging My Blog

Stage 1 of rejigging my blog is putting up a page dedicated to posts about Monster-Moored with a sample ...  


Chapter One: Tardi Possessed

Tardi stopped paddling. He sat up on his surfboard. He imagined his legs hanging in the sea, shark bait, and hurriedly compared the distances from himself, a dot in the bay, to Cape Byron in the southeast, the Quarry Lane ridge, and Mt Chincogan in the north.

He slid into the water and checked the undersea to the blue limits of his goggle-augmented sight. No, there weren’t any large grey marauders anywhere taking an interest in him. If there were, Polk loved to say, nature would have its way. No use agonizing over your death by shark before the fact. Tardi remained stupidly frightened of white pointers for a top surfer. The local sharks, grey nurses, were micro-chipped with human aversion technology. Up for a breath ....  

read the rest of this chapter here on the Monster-Moored dedicated page. 


  1. Congrats on getting your first short story up on the web, Rita; Paul Smith put me on to it. I'm a Byron shire writer, so I was interested to see you were, too. Good luck with it all,
    Danielle de Valera

    1. Thanks Danielle. And thanks for reading my story, The Harrowing. I'm still klutzing towards a good link to it on this blog. Stage 2 of the rejig.