Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Writing a Synopsis

Storm Front over Cemetry
This pic is for the novel I'm trying to finish this year, Monster-Moored. In lieu of a surfer on his board I give you this snap of a storm front arriving. I'm still organizing getting some art.

I've been writing seriously for fifteen years this year and I have just achieved what I think is a good synopsis after composing hundreds of the contrary little critters.

Up to now I have tried to make do with summaries of facts. It never worked. Always too long, too much like writing the book again in short hand.

What is the use, I used to rail, I'm writing the book to find all this out.

This time, after some suggestions by Jeff Vandemeer in his Wonderbook, (link is to the Amazon sales page) I composed a net of connections between characters and saw finally what kind of story I was writing.

Wow! I am still agog over the insight provided by a simple diagram. Monster-moored is not at all the story I thought I was writing. I believed that what turned out to be the major theme, was a minor chord at most. The monster in the title is competing with at least three other characters for the major character's attention. The flavour is still science fantasy, as nearly all my stuff is, but the theme is love in all its guises.

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