Sunday, June 1, 2014

Designing and Constructing Book Covers

There is plenty of material everywhere once I started to search. Not all of it helpful but we all need to run with what suits us best.

I have had a go at doing my own.
It is what it is. An amateur's work. It isn't getting the look-ins.

So I searched first for people doing for me. If I want good surreal art, available on it'll be $100 to $250 and that in US dollars.

But I could only budget for that if I was publishing a novel, for example. For publishing short stories, I need to find another way. Came across Joanna Penn again. She has a fabulous website with much wonderful advice. I had it in my bookmarks. How often do we look at those after you have a few dozen?

Saturday it rained. After a spent an hour or so at the Mullum Big Picture meeting, I went home and using MS Word produced the following:
Book Cover Prototype 1

This is a first try. There are probably dozens of things that can be improved. I'm seeing for instance that the banner across the middle stops too soon, When did that happen? That the title is too near the top of the banner, my byline too near the bottom. Not where I put them. 

The bit of (actual) batwing on the right hand side is a placeholder. For to have a figure in the foreground, I do need an expert's help. The Creative Penn gives me a list of sites where I can get such help. Everyone writing about book cover design warns against using MS Word's fonts. Obviously the above are. Placeholders? Maybe. 

Water and sky in their unchanged state are from ; the batwing is my own photo.

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