Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Disappointment, Searching, Searching, Frustration and ... *&^%!!

Pair of Coprinus-like delicates, R de Heer

My fungi collection is getting so large, with over 300 species and 1800 photos, it is quite unwieldy to navigate through. Every time I put in new records, there's miles of scrolling to do.

Once I decided that I'd be better off with a database program, in which I could then also record notes about the fungi, I assumed I'd be able to download MS Access. I used that program about fifteen years ago and thought it would come back to me despite ongoing improvements. I began with watching some YouTube training videos.

Discovered along the way that MS Access can only be used on Mac platforms with Windows installed as well.

Too difficult.

I was disappointed to say the least.

Started researching my options. The Cloud seemed to be my best bet. Signed up on a couple programs to try them out. This one was too difficult. I want a relational program but I don't need all the math. That one wasn't as intuitive as it said it was. It seemed to be using a different language from everyone else. Another wasn't professional enough. How could I trust them with my data when I'm not comfortable being in the cloud as it is.

It seems I'm having to be a regular Goldilocks about database software?

The search continues.

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