Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Distraction, the Number One Hole in the Road

Spore print of an unremembered fungus fruiting body

The last three blogposts are nice examples of what I'm allowing myself to be distracted by from writing. There's other off-line stuff happening too. My mother is in hospital 45 minutes away by car, so there are hospital visits to fit in.

I'm organising a Fungi Workshop for World Environment Day, which is to take place on Friday 6 June, 2-5PM. I'm trying to finish off the renovations. IE he spare room, which still has to be painted. It's empty, that's as far as I have got. 

Yesterday I read DM Cornish's explanation for not being able to continue with his WIP and it resonated. Rang like a bell, in other words. I've been sitting on 50 000 words, about halfway the draft (Monster-Moored) for about two weeks. 

I finally figured it out. Like DM Cornish is stuck because he fears to write "the moment/scene in ECONOMOUS that motivated me to start his story in the first place"; so do I fear to write the scene in which Tardi Mack has to face his Point of Disbelief. 

It's halfway the novel. Crunch time. An important scene. I keep thinking how it wasn't that important before. What happened? A rewrite is what happened, I tell myself again. A chance to make the story stronger. Just do it. It's not that easy, I complain. 

There is nowhere to go once you become conscious of your unconscious strategies. I will get back to it. 

DM Cornish wrote The Monster-Blood Tattoo series known as The Foundling series in the US and Canada. A wonderful if dark story supported by Cornish's own illustrations and a well-

hanging together transmogrification of English requiring a large appendix, but such fun. 

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