Monday, June 30, 2014

My Shortest Walk in Town

My shortest walk takes me down the street I live on to the newest landcare site; along a walking track and past another landcare site, over a foot bridge, through the carpark next to the town swimming pool; along a main artery into the 'business district', over a road bridge, back into my street and home.

The drive next to my house where I begin nearly everyone of my town
walks. The left border is planted out with native vegetation. To the right
the timber for the front porch awaits the return of the builders.

 I cross the street to the foot/bike path and turning my face into the
afternoon sun, walk to the newest of our Landcare
plantings at the end of the street. 

The Landcare site with Mullumbimby Creek below, through the young trees.
The new plants are in the foreground, heavily mulched with camphor laurel
wood chips. The river here is part of the Marine Estuary Park as it is tidal.
Low tide at the time of taking the photo.

From the planting site I walk along the newly concreted footpath toward where Saltwater Creek crosses the path to converge with Mullum Creek (local useage) to the right in the photo, behind the trees. The last house in the street is just out of sight to the left. 

Another Landcare planting to the left of the path. The native trees are between three and five years old. We had some good years with lots of rain when they went into the ground. The dead trees at the back (on the creek bank)  are the camphor laurels, a common woody weed. We poison them and they die over time providing roosts and perches for local birds in the meantime. To the right of the path are weeds weeds weeds. We're not allowed to touch them. I walk over the footbridge over Saltwater Creek.
From the footbridge I turn left and walk through a gravel and grassed
car-park next to the town swimming pool, closed for the winter. (with temperature
of about 3 degrees forecast for tonight the water will be pretty nippy)
I turn left again onto a footpath and road bridge. The tree is a Firewheel Tree.
The Saltwater Creek road bridge. This is the footpath. The road
makes a dogleg up ahead before it runs into the shopping street. 
Saltwater Creek from the road bridge. It is still low tide and
hardly a dribble of water can be seen here. We in our
Landcare group are proud of this section of the creek.
Both banks have riparian forest growing along them. The
planting to the left is fifteen years old and even  looks like forest. 

From here my walk is about another fifty paces before I turn left again into Whian Street, where I live. Another twenty meters and I am home. As I said this is my shortest walk. Not for exercise, but to check on the new Landcare site. Or to see various places where fungi might have come up after rain. Or to get a breath of fresh air when the weather is wet or too windy to go far. Or to check the tide. Or to get an idea. Or ...

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