Monday, July 28, 2014

Pride Goeth Before the 11th Percentile

A friend told me about brain training quite a long time ago, a couple of months at least, encouraging all and sundry into it.

[There was an image here of a cutaway head with a brain inside it, I couldn't make it stick]

I thought, why I would need to do anything like that with everything I am already doing? Blogs. Writing. Landcare funding applications. Learning fungi names. etc.

Recently, sitting around, I needed something. A puzzle. When I had a PC I would turn to the Mah-jong. I was seriously addicted to that. It is unfindable on Mac. Too hard to download without a crossover software which are difficult to use in themselves. no more Mah-jong.

I was going to use the time I spent on the game, on the fungi collection. But I'm bogged down where the collection is concerned. It is unwieldy now, too many records. Not enough categories. I've researched databases without finding anything appropriate.

I signed up with out of sheer frustration.

Did the baseline test.

My scores range from 11% to 33% for my age group.

Obviously a lot of room for improvement!

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