Friday, July 11, 2014

Vege Brag

Vegetable Harvest
Winter where I am in the Byron Shire, is mild enough most of the time that with a bit of water added, it's possible to grow a good selection of vegetables. This haul is from the day before a frost.

Three kinds of kale; of the three lettuce sorts, this one is the oak leaf variety; two parsleys, though I only eat the flat leaf variety; of the two sorts of chives in the garden this is the ordinary one, and a dozen cherry tomatoes.

Interestingly though, the frost this week took out only the vegetables growing at the edges of the beds. The curly lettuce suffered as did the Scottish kale. The flat leaf parsley may recover. The curly parsley is fine. The garlic chives are fine, the ordinary parsley didn't like it. The baby ginger plant didn't like the cold and will probably turn up its toes. (Die.)

The rhubarb is still thriving. A new crop in my yard, the plants are only small yet. I don't expect to eat them until summer. The cherry tomatoes grow wild through the yard. A few of the more exposed plants are frost blackened. Most are okay.

I'm hoping that my newly planted spinach survived. They look all right.

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