Thursday, July 17, 2014

While I am Editing

One of the most difficult things while editing is to stay on task! Here I am catching up my blogs. Yesterday I was gardening.
A Spiky Spider to get distracted about. What a beauty! 

The other day I took a couple of hours out to shift my worm farm into a place more amenable to running out into the weather with a few vegetable scraps.

A semi-final edit doesn't require much of the world building type of creativity.
It's more a case of re arranging scenes for a better run up to the dramatic unfolding.
Inserting an explanatory sentence here and there to make plainer your story/premise/character's journey.
Re seeding clues where needed, or seeding them.
Rewriting a bit, or a lot, of telling. To show the character's actions and visible proof of emotions.
Always deleting empty words.
And always and always checking spelling, punctuation and grammar.

A Balloon of Hot Air is a metaphor
for a story of empty words
I have only come to understand the problem of empty words since beginning to come to grips with the Showing vs Telling Edict.

Chatting on, such as on a blog or in a face-to-face social situation, we use a lot of words empty of meaning to smoothe our listeners, to signal things about ourselves IE do we care about social niceties, or are we rude? And we place-hold, as in keeping the conversation going while we think what next to say. Because we're always thinking on the hop, as it were.

Compare that last paragraph, to it below without its empty words:
Chatting on,... on a blog ... a face-to-face ... situation, we use ... words ... to smoothe our listeners and to signal things ...IE do we care ... social niceties, or are we rude? ... place-hold ... keeping the conversation going .... Because we're ... thinking on the hop, ...

There are probably more words we can do without, to get the meaning.

In a story words need to forward the action, describe the characters and the scenery. I read somewhere that every word in a manuscript should generate imagery. What do you think?

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